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May 6, 2010 Comments off

Dwyane Wade is being sued by his estranged wife and the charges aren’t pretty. Well, they involve actress Gabrielle Union, who is pretty, but the allegations are not. The lawsuit alleges Union “engaged in sexual foreplay” in front of Wade’s young sons. It also claims that the boys received “medium size gifts” from Wade for Christmas last year, while Union got “the biggest gift of all.” There’s a joke there, but I’ll move on.

Refs Blow Another One

A soccer player was given a yellow card over the weekend because the referee thought he was taking a dive. It turns out the player was having a heart attack.

Great Gif

Game 2 Celtics vs Cavaliersm, Celtics general manager Danny Ainge threw a towel in the air to distract a Cleveland player who was in the middle of shooting a free throw. We should all be thankful for Ainge’s bush league move because it’s now spawned this gif.

Cleveland’s Concern

Few body parts in sports have generated as much buzz as LeBron James‘ right elbow. After shooting free throws left-handed in Game 1 of the Cavs series against the Celtics, speculation grew about the severity of James’ injury. A report with anonymous sourcing from says James is so banged up he shouldn’t even be playing. Another report says James will soon underdo a second MRI on the elbow. And most important, LeBron’s elbow has its own Twitter page.

Never A Dull Moment with Ozzie

Check out what the White Sox skipper did to pitcher Freddy Garica last night.

Cheers has compiled the 10 funniest cheerleader bloopers of all time.


NBA: D-Wade would love to play with LeBron

December 22, 2009 Comments off

“We know each other away from basketball, and I have an unbelievable respect for the person I’ve gotten to know during our seven years in the league.” Dwyane Wade served that morsel regarding his relationship with LeBron James during our scheduled sit-down last Wednesday in the Heats practice gym inside American Airlines Arena . . . and that’s just an appetizer. “So,” I interrupted, “contrary to Magic Johnson’s impetuous opinion and popular belief, you and LeBron could play together?” “Contrary is the operative word,” Wade accentuated, all gleam. “We can play together.”

This was my first time interviewing Wade one-on-one, I’m embarrassed to admit. Considering the less than favorable conditions — no accrued trust, restricted (20-to-25) minutes rationed by the Heat’s publicity department, crushing my usual pre-conversation concept of foreplay — I didn’t expect he would give up much more than the predictable pabulum.

Shows how little I know Wade. Friendly and forthright, he’s the opposite of your typical programmed pin-up player who answers questions that weren’t asked with cliches.

Appreciatively, Wade doesn’t mind amplifying on sensitive subjects. There’s no shutdown after a sentence or two, no creation of awkward silence that pressures you to move on to something else. Instead, he expands with no prodding and furnishes you with more than you are entitled to know.

Not once did Wade say “off the record.”

Before we refocus on the pending possibility of LeBron and Wade patrolling the perimeter together (as they did in a gold medal-winning cause in the Beijing Olympics), let’s revisit Heat management’s premeditated determination this season to tread talent in the middle of the pool rather than contend for a championship by surpassing the luxury-tax buoy — or add any salary to next season’s $30M cap — like the Lakers, Celtics, Spurs, Magic, Mavericks, Nuggets, Hornets, Suns, Jazz, Wizards and, ahem, Cavaliers.

For owner Mickey Arison and team president Pat Riley consciously to squander Wade’s superlatives for 82 games — perhaps his last season in South Beach — and not think he would take exception to it must mean they are pretty confident they have got him on tap for 2010-11 and beyond and believe they’ve got a legit chance to recruit LeBrontosaurus.

I do want to stay,” Wade said, repeating a mantra he’s chanted almost every day since training camp. “However, I’m open-minded. I want to win! I want that! When we got Shaq I said, ‘All right, we’re trying to win it all now.’ When he left, our direction changed.

I understand the business side. I would’ve wanted us to make moves for someone who’ll help us now and be here for the future, too

I understand the business side. I would’ve wanted us to make moves for someone who’ll help us now and be here for the future, too

I just want to make sure we’ll be in position to compete for a title. I just want to make sure they bring in the beef.

Is it frustrating at times? Yes, it is! I’m not in competition with Kobe, but then again I am. I want to be in that elite group that wins multiple titles.

Before we agreed to terms, LeBron and I had a couple conversations,” Wade said. “I can’t recall exactly what we said, but the gist of it was we wanted to give ourselves the flexibility and the option to play together.”  

A lot of times in this league, players usually wind up going where they can get the most money. We’re both blessed within that area. We’ve made a lot of money. So we wanted to base our decision on two things, the organization and the ability to win a title. And that’s what we’ll do. When the season is over, we plan to sit down and talk about it.”

I’m not saying it will happen. But I’m intrigued by the idea.

“”I probably couldn’t have handled playing with someone like  LeBron earlier in my career, but I’m older now. You’re talking about two big egos and meshing them. That’d take a lot of sacrifice on  LeBron’s part and it’d take a lot of sacrifice on my part to succeed. But we would succeed because we know winning takes care of everything.

I’d like to play here, but I don’t mind where it is as long the organization is a good fit and it’s committed to competing for championships. The unknown has me intrigued.

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