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April 29, 2010

A while ago I had a  link to a video of Detroit Lions linebacker Zack Follett buying some, um, unusual products for his opponents (while wearing his football helmet in the drugstore). It turns out Follett has posted some other unique videos in the past. Here is his hilarious version of Cribs. A couple of notes: The video is 13-plus minutes so if yout time is limited, I suggest forwarding to about the seven minute mark. Things to look out for: Follet’s attractive girlfriend, his “drawing” of Adriana Lima and his reasoning for buying a 42-inch TV instead of a 65-inch TV.

Uh Oh

Apparently, there is a fake John Calipari on Facebook. Apparently, point guard Marquis Teague, who just announced he was going to Kentucky, didn’t know the Calipari page was a fake. That makes this exchange all the more interesting.

Paging Tom Donaghy

My apologies for being a day late with this, but the worst foul call in the history of the NBA took place during Monday’s Blazers-Suns game.

Ben Bashing

Ben Roethlisberger is now an Eminem song lyric.

Warning: These are G Rated

Here’s a breakdown of the 20 most popular fantasy baseball team names and what they mean.

He Stayed Cool

Chris Cooley was about to do a radio interview yesterday when he got pulled over a by a cop.


From today’s Inter Milan-Barcelona match, check out the video of Barca’s Sergio Busquets going down after getting a light tap to the neck as if he was shot. Then check out this great gif of Busquets trying to see if the referee caught his acting job.

Shakira & Soccer

Shakira does the honors for this year’s official World Cup theme song. You can see the video and an awesome headline here.

He’s Popular

Tim Tebow has just set the NFL record for the fastest-selling rookie jersey of all-time. If you can’t get an official Tebow jersey, you might want to explore this one

Coffee Crazy

Holy Taco nails it with this look at the nine most annoying people at Starbucks.


Via Clubhouse Cancer comes this video of Bears running back Chester Taylor butchering Take Me Out To The Ballgame at last night’s Cubs game.

Check out the celebration dance by the Canucks’ Ryan Kesler after Vancouver’s win against Los Angeles on Monday.

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