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WTF: Mike Bacsik

April 26, 2010

Hidden Racist?

For those that don’t know who Mike Bacsik is, he’s a former Major League Baseball pitcher and the son of Michael James Bacsik, who was also a pitcher in the majors. He’s most famous though for giving up Barry Bonds 756th career home run, which broke the all-time record formerly held by Hank Aaron.

Bacsik currently is the producer on The Ticket 1310 in Dallas for Norm Hitzges and performs other fill-in duties however he allowed his hidden racism spill out onto Twitter after the Dallas Mavericks loss to the San Antonio Spurs in game 4, with his above tweet. Shortly thereafter he deleted his comment, hoping it would forever cease to exist and followed it up with a back handed apology.

Mike Bacsik’s tweet is probably a very accurate representation of how he really feels about certain races when he out of public’s eye, if not where does these feelings come from then?

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