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Draft 2010 of the NFL; NFL Draft in Prime Time: Ratings up 30 Percent

April 23, 2010

The call has come and smile can not hide. Sam Bradford is officially the first pick in the 2010 NFL Draft.

Bradford gets the opportunity to earn a title immediately after his release Rams Marc Bulger few weeks ago.

Edition 75 of the Draft has started and the cameras are focused on Sam Bradford, who won the Heisman in 2009, an Oklahoma quarterback who is projected by many to go with the first selection.

Bradford became the first quarterback taken by St. Louis in a first round pick.

The shift is from Detroit.

Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska defensive tackle is the choice number two in the 2010 NFL Draft.

Suh won the award as the best defense in college, as well as the athlete of the year trophy in the United States.

With this choice, Detroit now has an excellent defensive lineman to line up with Kyle Vanden Bosch, his recent signing in free agency.

In addition, Suh and Vanden Bosch will automatically improve considerably one of the weakest points of a team in constant reconstruction.

Time is now for Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Bucs also were inclined to reinforce the defensive, taking in taking Gerald McCoy, a defensive tackle who has a lot of versatility, both defending the run, as penetrating the backfield to create chaos.

McCoy is visibly moved and tears did not wait, then that is destined to win the title inmedaita nearly so.

Roger Goodell, NFL commissioner, takes a huge hug from McCoy.

Time the Washington Redskins.

The call came and Trent Williams, who has raised the horn, left tackle from Oklahoma, who will be responsible for taking care of the Donovan McNabb’s blind side.

Rounding out the great day for the Sooners, Oklahoma has given its third listing in the first four selections.

Williams is a tremendous player with the versatility to play any line position that perfectly matches the zone blocking scheme that Mike Shanahan is expected to prevail in Washington.

Time is for Kansas City.

The first of the surprises, it was expected that the Heads Select to Russell Okung, offensive tackle, is Eric Berry, Tennessee Quie deep smiles in the room prospects.

Berry, excellent to make plays on the ball, maintaining the recent tradition of Kansas City defensive players taken in the first round.

Berry is an athletic player who automatically becomes the leader of a young defensive secondary. Berry is compared in their game with Ed Reed.

Seattle Time and his new coach, Pete Carroll.

Faced with the possible withdrawal of Walter Jones, Russell Okung, Oklahoma State left tackle is the selection of the Seattle Seahawks.

Okung will anchor an offensive line full of veterans and has struggled with injuries in recent seasons.

Cleveland, with the sixth pick, and without many needs that have been filled in free agency took Joe Haden, Florida cornerback.

Haden, who was not projected to be taken among the top 15 selections, surprised, after having a mediocre Combine.

With this selection, Mike Holmgren, president of Cleveland, show that is willing to risk his first draft in front of the Browns.

Raiders is to make your selection.

Oakland has made a wise decision to take Rolando McClain, an inside linebacker from Alabama.

After having a linebacking corps in decline and lack of speed, McClain heralds a new era with McClain.

Buffalo soon make his choice and took CJ Spiller, the best runner of his generation. Spiller reaches a crowded backfield with the presence of Fred Jackson and Marshawn Lynch.

The Jacksonville Jaguars defense held the trend shown by the draft so far, taking defensive tackle Tyson Alualu, California.

Jacksonville, known for his physical play has taken a huge player in the middle of the line that could bring them back into the limelight, after battling to contain the race the last two seasons.

San Francisco changed positions with Denver, and also sent his third-round pick.

The 49ers are on the clock and have decided to anchor their offensive line with Anthony Davis, the second time in three years that San Francisco making a tackle in the first round, joining Joe Staley.

Davis is scheduled to play on the right side of the line and could be instrumental in the running game in San Francisco.

Another change.

San Diego climbed 16 positions to change over Miami in the first round.

San Diego Chargers had an urgency to fill out LaDainian Tomlinson’s and have done with Ryan Mathews, Fresno State running back.

Obviously, San Diego had the need to secure a corridor and showed the change to anticipate so much for the second runner in the draft.

The Denver Broncos have re-engage in a change, to exchange positions with the Philadelphia Eagles.

With just as stellar lineman Trent Cole, the Eagles had the need to get a player who can pressure the quarterback and they got their man in Brandon Graham, Michigan defensive end.

Graham was a coveted player, leading Philadelphia to buy poara change.

The Seattle Seahawks are with their second pick of the first round.

The coach Pete Carroll has taken the 14th overall selection to Earl Thomas, Texas defensive secondary.

Thomas is a versatile player that will surely be used as a cornerback in the NFL because of his size.

It is an athletic player, aggressive and with great ability to follow the ball, a defensive anchor in Seattle.

New York Giants are about to announce his selection.

Jason Pierre-Paul, defensive end from the University of South Florida is the newest member of the New York Giants.

Compared with Jevon Kearse, Paul comes to a talented defensive line copada with Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyora. A guy can get coverage and pressuring the quarterback, is a defensive end will bring a lot in Tom Coughlin’s defense.

It’s Time for the Tennessee Titans.

The Titans are looking to supply the output of Kyle Vanden Bosch with Derrick Morgan, a player who slipped on the board, after having been projected to go in the first 10 of this draft.

Morgan specializes in going after the quarterback and will be of much help in a defense that struggled in that area in 2009.

San Francisco took the best guard available in the current draft Mike Iupati taking.

With the selection of Iupati, the focus of coach Mike Singletary is to harness the depth of the current generation on the offensive line, being the second choice in that position in the draft.

Time for Pittsburgh.

The Pittsburgh Steelers took a player who had observed consistently in central Florida, Maurkice Pouncey.

Pouncey, barely 20, is a physical player who fits perfectly into the style of play of the Steelers and is expected to address some of the problems he had Pittsburgh in that department.

Atlanta did not take long in deciding on Sean Weatherspoon, a linebacker from Missouri.

The Falcons battled their linebacking corps, perhaps the weakest position of all and the selection of Weatherspoon, automatically improved considerably.

The Houston Texans are now seeking their piece of his first trip to the playoffs.

Houston has taken Kareem Jackson, cornerback national champions, Alabama.

Jackson is a player with excellent technique, physical and knows how to tackle. It is a cornerback who covers well, but doubtful about the situation of tackle. Its strengths are deep and not playing near the line.

Good day for the Oklahoma Sooners, after Cincinnati took the best tight end available in Jermaine Gresham.

Gresham joins automatically an attack has become more explosive and vertical arrival. It represents a huge target for Carson Palmer.

Time for Denver, which changed positions with the New England Patriots.

The Broncos used their first-round pick to cover the departure of Brandon Marshall. But Marshall is not unlike another controversial host, which ruled to Dez Bryant.

Denver, instead of Bryant took Demaryius Thomas, Georgia Tech, a skilled receiver, agile and can enter the equation for the starting immediately.

Thomas is one of the most explosive players in the draft, however, a history of injuries caused to fly off the radar for a long time.

Green Bay is in charge.

The Packers got a bargain Brian Bulaga, a huge offensive tackle who will improve what was the worst offensive line catches in the NFL passer.

Bulaga start on the right side and protecting the passer as good as opening holes for running game suffered at times last season.

The Patriots are on duty. NO. Change from Dallas.

The Cowboys took Dez Bryant, the controversial and vocal Oklahoma State receiver, who now join the arsenal of Wade Phillips.

Bryant, a physical type, with large hands, but with many problems off the field, will be an important weapon in the Dallas passing game that already has Roy Williams, Miles Austin and Jason Witten.

Baltimore changed with the Denver Broncos, who continue to surprise in the draft.

And so far have been the biggest surprise, to take Tim Tebow, Florida’s famous pin.

Denver gave teams second, third and fourth rounds, to gain access to Tebow, who had an eye.

Tebow, controversial not because of his actions off the field, but by the mechanics of launching and coming collegiate program, the second pin is selected, against all odds.

Arizona has reinforced its defensive instead of giving depth to the quarterback position.

Dan Williams, a huge defensive tackle, perhaps the best nose tackle of his generation, will dumbbell Darnell Dockett to anchor a defensive line that needs improvement.

Much was expected from the selection of Arizona to take a quarterback with the departure of Kurt Warner and the question that Matt Leinart has been over his career.

Time for the Patriots, who maintained the defensive tendency to take one of the most volatile corners of his generation in the product of Rutgers, Devin McCourty.

McCourty is fast, agile and also one of the best players on special teams, could have an impact on that area of the game also.

It’s Time for Miami Dolphins, who originally had the position 12.

The Dolphins, with serious problems in their front seven, particularly after the departure of Jason Taylor, have reinforced this area.

Jared Odrick is the solution, or at least in the eyes of Bill Parcells, who has been selected in the first round.

Odrick, who could play defensive end in a 3-4 scheme, is able to dominate when covered man to man, but struggle in double coverage.

Tony Sparano has plenty of raw material and it is hoped will serve juice to a talented player, but still unpolished.

Time for the Jets, to the delight of the Radio City Music Hall.

Mark Sanchez’s team waited until the last minute waiting for some exchange offer that never came.

The hosts added to Rex Ryan Kyle Willson, a Boise State defensive secondary.

Willson is a true weapon on special teams as well as being very versatile with their coverage, is expected to be of much help in a defense full of talent and that was the best in the NFL last year.

Time for Minnesota, which changed its selection with Detroit to be chosen for the second time today.

Detroit Lions made some noise with the selection of Yahweh Best, a corridor waiting solve, or at least give depth to a position that has suffered much since Barry Sanders left long ago.

Best is an explosive runner, capable of making the big play, a pure sprinter certainly adds a new dimension to the Lions’ anemic attack.

The champions of the AFC, Indianapolis Colts, Jerry Hughes made the penultimate pick of the first round.

Hughes is an explosive type which is capable of pressuring the passer from the outside.

Hughes, as possessed of talent as anyone, he flew under the radar due to their short stature, which in the scheme of the Colts is not a problem, as exemplified by Dwight Freeney.

Drew Brees, pin champions New Orleans Saints announced the final selection of the first round.

Brees end of the first day of selections with the election of Patrick Robinson, a Florida State defensive secondary.

Robinson is a natural athlete, but is inconsistent, so it is a gamble for NFL champions, who were to strengthen its defensive secondary, especially draft for the second consecutive corners in the first round.

NFL Draft in Prime Time: Ratings up 30 Percent

The overnight ratings for the first NFL draft in prime time were up 30 percent from last year.

The overnight rating for the first-round of the draft held Thursday night at Radio City Music Hall was a combined 6.42. Coverage of last year’s draft started at 4 p.m. on a Saturday.

ESPN had a 5.47 rating, while the NFL Network posted 0.95. The overnight rating was 55 percent higher than the 2008 NFL draft.

The ratings, which measured 56 markets, represent the percentage of all households with televisions tuned into a program.

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