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Random Links (4/16)

April 17, 2010

You may remember a few weeks ago Esquire.com ran a “Sexiest Woman Alive” bracket, which caused quite a buzz because Lane Kiffin (that’s right, Lane Kiffin, not his attractive wife, Layla) beat Natalie Gulbis in the first round. Well, voting for Round 2 is under way, and Kiffin has a lead against Danica Patrick in the “sports” region. I can get down with giving Kiffin a vote over Patrick, but if anyone but the Stacy Keibler comes out of the that region, it will be a travesty. In other newsworthy matchups, Minka Kelly has a lead on Heidi Klum (and let’s keep it that way). In a heated WAG battle, Adriana Lima is breezing by Gisele Bündchen. And Olivia Munn.

Pathetic Phillies Fan, Pathetic Human Being

I shouldn’t even refer to this animal, who is accused of INTENTIONALLY THROWING UP on an 11-year-old girl at Wednesday’s Nationals-Phillies game, as a human being.

Not All Phillies Fans Are Bad, Though

As proven by this guy.

Yankee-Red Sox Feud Intensifies

Jay-Z is suing David Ortiz. Hova claims that Big Papi stole the name of his night club, The 40/40 Club, for an establishment Ortiz opened in the Dominican Republic.

For The Facebookers

Here are five bizarre Facebook groups — if you are a fan of trivial NBA history — should join just for the hell of it. And, speaking of Facebook, we now live in a time when we find out a player has been traded via the social networking site.

Quiz Time

Anyone who has collected baseball cards knows about the infamous Billy Ripken “F— Face” card. But do you know who wrote that graphic phrase on Ripken’s bat? That’s just one question in this baseball card quiz.


This Capitals fan does NOT want the camera near him.

Determined To Remain on Top

Kim Kardashian, who clearly does not want disappear from this page, is now being linked to Real Madrid soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo. Meanwhile, BestWeekEver.tv wonders if we’ll soon see Kim in Sports Illustrated for Kids.

Stroke Of Genius?

Someone at Canadian sports Web site TSN.ca got overly excited about last night’s Devils-Flyers game.

For The Lost Fans

With just five episodes in the series remaining, I need to remind you to check out The Mandel Initiative, a podcast hosted by SI.com’s college football guru, Stewart Mandel. You should also check out Rangers pitcher C.J. Wilson hanging out with the Lost braintrust, Carlton Cuse andDamon Lindelof.

Photo Of The Day

What’s bigger than super size?

The Party Continues

Stories about major league baseball players using Miley CyrusParty in the U.S.A when they come up to bat got a lot of attention this week. Well, according to reader James Irwin, the Miley madness is going strong. He says, “OK, so I had the joy of watching my Twins beat up the Red Sox on a beautiful sunny day OUTSIDE at the greatest ballpark, Target Field. Everything was great, except for one thing: At the beginning of the game they asked the fans what song they wanted to hear later in the game, and there it was as choice No. 3, Miley Cyrus, Party in the U.S.A. Sure enough, it won with over 75 percent of the vote. Is this the new Rick Roll?”

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