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IDF calls for Bar Refaeli Boycott; Chill Out; Ask Men 99 Most Desirable Women;

January 23, 2010

Military says supermodel, products she advertises should be shunned in bid to fight draft dodging

The Israel Defense Forces has decided to step up its campaign against Bar Refaeli. Slamming the supermodel as a draft dodger, a senior IDF official has urged Israeli consumers to boycott Refaeli and all the products advertised by her.

Head of the IDF’s Personnel Directorate Major General Avi Zamir visited the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya and spoke to students about”the struggle for each and every recruit in mandatory and reserve service – a national social mission.”

At the end of the lecture one student asked the Major General why the IDF is not making an effort to enlist supermodel Bar Refaeli, the most successful Israeli model in the world today, who got married and received an exemption from military service.

Zamir seemed to be prepared for the question. Since his appointment as head of Personnel Directorate a year and a half ago, he has stepped up the all-out war against draft dodging. “The State of Israel is a law-abiding state,” he said.

Zamir explained that “Refaeli presented a valid marriage certificate, which could not be disputed. At the end of the day she needs to look at herself in the mirror. We are a society with a military, and Bar Refaeli should not be in Fox (clothing brand) advertisements – if she advertises them, you shouldn’t buy their products – and that will be the answer.”

In order to stress the magnitude of the issue, Zamir noted that within a decade some 70% of 18-year-old

Israelis will not enlist into the IDF. “If we look 10 years ahead we will be in a situation where only 30% of youths will join the army. That’s a large quantitative gap; a reality we cannot come to terms with,” Zamir said

Sources close to the supermodel were unimpressed with Zamir’s remarks. “The government and military need to conduct a thorough internal examination; instead of attacking Bar – (Zamir) should deal with more important things like releasing (kidnapped soldier) Gilad Shalit,” said Tzipi Levin, Refaeli’s mother.

Levin added that “Bar was not hurt and has no reason to be offended by the remarks. It flatters us that Zamir finds time to talk about Bar, but she does not take these matter to heart.”

Meanwhile, most of the companies Refaeli advertises were not alarmed by the call to boycott their products.

“We are proud to be represented by Refaeli,” said lingerie company Bonita de Mas. “We appreciate her contribution to the country and society and respect her privacy.”

A spokesperson at FOX clothing company said that “Fox encourages enlistment to the IDF and is against a policy of draft dodging. The company has been active in the community for years and will continue to be active in the future.

“Refaeli did not serve in the IDF for reasons that are personal. Refaeli loves the State of Israel, and as an international model she serves as an ambassador for our country all over the world.”

Chill Out

“I swear to God, I’m going to take this f—ing ball and shove it down your f—ing throat.” Those were Serena Williams‘ word back in September at the U.S. Open. But don’t ask her if she has anger management issues.

Speaking of Female Tennis Players

Simon On Sports says women tennis players make the funniest faces. The site has the photos to prove its statement.

Playoff Links

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Ask Men 99 Most Desirable Women

Everyone has an opinion on AskMen.com’s Top 99 Women of 2010 list. “Glad to see Salma Hayek is once again in the Ask Men poll at No. 34 — and ahead of your obsession in Kim Kardashian at No. 42. Marisa Miller should have been No. 1 and Carrie Underwood at No. 90 should be much higher than that!” Blake Lively at No. 85??? That has to be a mistake. The bottom line is you need to do the top 100 list. At least Blake will get her due in that case. I can also tell you she was Hollywood Tuna’s No. 1 babe of 2009.

Real Knee Slapper

A fan screamed out a marriage proposal to Rafael Nadal during the Australian Open last night. For some reason, the announcers calling the match thought it was the funniest thing they ever heard.

Picture is Worth Seven Decades

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Catching Up WIth…

Remember when some guy filmed his girlfriend playing Wii Fit while she wasn’t wearing any pants? And he put the video on the Internet and it went viral to the tune of more than nine million views on YouTube? Well, that girl has resurfaced.


Since it’s Championship Weekend, check out what CBS’ pregame show, featuring Brent Musburger, Pat Summerall and John Madden, looked like before the NFC title game between the Redskins and Cowboys in 1982. Two highlights:J oe Theismannwearing a feather in his hat at the 15-second mark, and a computer commercial at the 4:56 mark that touts “incredible graphics.”

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