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Lets Go Saints; Playoff Links; Conan Videos; Venus Williams’ fashion; Jersey Shore;

January 22, 2010

Let me start by stating the obvious: Saints fans will root for New Orleans on Sunday. Vikings fans will root for Minnesota. And NFL media members will root for Brett Favre. But for the rest of you who don’t have rooting interest, I’m here to tell you that you’ll easily find yourself pulling for the Saints. Why? Not because of the Saintsation cheerleaders. And not because you want me to keep featuring Kim Kardashian. But because Prince just released the most horrifyingly bad song about the Minnesota Vikings.

In Other Music News

Prince hasn’t been the only one singing his heart out. Check out LeBron James doing some Eminem during the Cavs’ win against the Lakers last night.

Playoff Links

If the Jets beat the Colts, Rex Ryan will be allowed to participate in the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. … Each of the four playoff teams has a Jersey Shore character equivalent. … A lot of blogs are pointing out that the Jets have already put AFC champions gear on sale. NFL PR man Brian McCarthy says this is common practice and the Colts have done it, too.

Fashion Always Comes First

Venus Williams found herself at the center of a controversy earlier this week when questions arose about whether she was playing an Australian Open match sans undergarments. But thanks to the magic of Twitter, she cleared up the situation last night.


This heated exchange between New York Rangers coach John Tortorella and New York Postwriter Larry Brooks during last night’s postgame press conference is all kinds of awesome.

Will the Truth Set Him Free?

I actually have no idea what that headline even means, but Sean Salisbury has finally admitted to taking a picture of his “private area” while not wearing any clothes and e-mailing it around.

Sorry about that unoriginal headline, but I had to do it. Anyway, is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson strictly a family-movie guy now?  When will he return to the WWE? What did he think about ESPN’s documentary The U? And, most important, how did he answer SI.com’s Cheerleader of the Week questionnaire? Find out in this Q&A with Johnson.

Hear, Hear

BroBible.com has compiled a ton of the always-entertaining “mic’d up” videos featuring several of the players we’ll see in action this weekend, including Drew Brees, Brett Favre and Peyton Manning.

Investigating Reporting at its Best

An Italian news reporter wasn’t completely convinced that David Beckham wasn’t, um, enhanced while appearing in Armani ads. So she decided to find out Beckham’s actual, um, size for herself.

Im Telling You the Tooth

The Flyers’ Ian Laperriere recently had some teeth stolen. Yes, stolen.

Gone Too Soon

Jersey Shore closed out its first season yesterday. There are rumors of a Season 2, but in the meantime we’ll just have to enjoy things like the Jersey Shore soundboard, wear our Jersey Shore T-shirts and watch the Jersey Shore tributes and parodies.


You must check out this collision (and great call by the play-by-play guy) between Blues forward Cam Janssen and Canadians goalie Carey Price.

His last show as host of the Tonight Show is today, but he made sure to have some fun at NBC’s expense Wednesday.

A reason to root against the Vikings: this tribute song using the Black Eyed Peas’ I Gotta Feeling.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Mini Daddy.

I don’t want to spoil this clip, so I’ll just tell you that this isn’t your traditional Rick Roll.

In his quest to spend as much of NBC’s money as possible before his last show tonight, Conan bought 2009 Kentucky Derby winner Mine That Birdand had him watch restricted Super Bowl highlights.

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