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NBA: Gilbert Arenas Wants to Cop a Plea

January 13, 2010

Washington Wizards player Gilbert Arenas and the U.S. Attorney are negotiating a plea bargain … law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Our sources say Arenas’ lawyer and prosecutors are discussing a plea in which Arenas would cop to misdemeanor gun charges. We’re told a deal hasn’t been struck yet, but it could come as early as today.

Sources say the filing of charges would coincide with the plea, so it would all go down quickly. We do not know what they are discussing with respect to a sentence … the prosecutor would recommend a sentence but ultimately it’s the judge’s decision.

Arenas is under investigation for felony gun charges for the locker room incident last month.

As for what a plea would do to Arenas’ status as a member of the Washington Wizards, we’re told G.M. Ernie Grunfeld and Arenas were text messaging each other shortly after the incident. In one of the text messages, Grunfeld wrote that Arenas had violated his NBA contract which prohibits players from possessing a firearm in a team or league facility. As a result Grunfeld texted the team had a right to void his contract … worth $111 million.

Report; Arenas Owned Several ‘Hundred’ Guns

File with the “should we be surprised?” pile: WTOPreports today that disgraced Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas has “owned several hundred guns,” but moved most of those firearms out of his Virginia home before he brought guns into the Verizon Center over a month ago. All of Arenas’s firearms were reportedly legally procured, but we’re not just talking about some run of the mill weaponry here:

The guns turned over to police include a so-called ‘Dirty Harry Revolver’ and a gold-plated Desert Eagle — which is so big and has such a powerful recoil — no law enforcement agency uses them.

Yowza. Revelations like this surely can’t help Arenas while an investigation into his locker room confrontation with Javaris Crittenton is still ongoing. Sure enough, TMZ is quoting anonymous sources who say that Arenas is attempting to plead down to misdemeanor gun charges, a deal that could happen as early as today. Such charges might still carry jail time, but would certainly spare Arenas the multiple-year sentence which had been suggested after the story first broke.

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