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NFL: Sources: Childress ripped Favre in locker room

December 23, 2009

Interviews with six members of the Vikings organization revealed that Brad Childress ripped his offense during halftime Sunday and that he privately unleashed an expletive-laden outburst toward Brett Favre long after the game in the visitors’ locker room.

ESPN reported Monday that Childress considered replacing Favre on Nov. 1 against the Green Bay Packers, and two people with the team told the Pioneer Press that the coach considered replacing the quarterback Nov. 15 against the Detroit Lions.

Both incidents were overlooked, but Sunday’s was uncovered.

Childress lashed out at his offense at halftime, after the unit had mustered just 66 net yards and struggled to run or pass the ball

He cursed, and he called it “laughable” that they consider themselves a Super Bowl team

One player described the tirade as “entertaining.” Another likened it

NBC cameras showed the exchange, with Childress placing his right hand on Favre’s left biceps. But Favre pulled his arm away after Childress said something to him.

We didn’t have time – I didn’t have time to sit there and say why or what. My response was, ‘We’ve got to win this ballgame, and I want to stay in and do whatever I can.'”

Now, unfortunately, I didn’t do that, but that was my intention.”

Since taking over the Vikings in 2006, Childress has empowered his defensive coordinators but reigned over the offense. His inflexibility frustrated veteran quarterback Brad Johnson, and Gus Frerotte lamented to the Pioneer Press in August that he “basically had to run whatever they called.” Frerotte also wondered if Childress and Favre could co-exist.

Where I approached him? No,” Childress said.

“It will be interesting to see if coach lets him do that or (he) still wants to take control and lead everything,” Frerotte said of Childress.

Favre, who is easygoing off the field, draws plenty of laughs at his press conferences, and he has referred to Childress as “Chilli” in several instances. But Favre hasn’t abided by one of Childress’ credos: not to air in-house information publicly.

I think he probably gave you a stream of consciousness from the best of his recollection, wouldn’t you say? Yeah,” Childress said. “The great thing about telling the truth is you can tell it over and over again.

St. Paul Pioneer Press

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