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NFL Roundup

December 22, 2009

I would like to send condolences to any fantasy owner who sat Jerome Harrison (286 rushing yards, three touchdowns) this week. If it makes you feel better, it was probably the correct decision since the Browns’ running back has been quiet all season, but it must hurt to leave 40-plus fantasy points on your bench. Hopefully, the Eagles mascot, Swoop, will cheer you up. Another group of fans who need cheering up are Jets followers who watched their team blow three field goals three different ways (block, missed, bad hold) in a 10-7 loss to the Falcons. According toRex Ryan, however, the Jets D will win them a Super Bowl at some point, so you have that to look forward to in the future. The feel-good moment of the day took place in Denver, whereJaMarcus Russellreplaced the injuredCharlie Fryeand led Oakland on a last-minute touchdown drive to beat the Broncos, 20-19. The feel-bad moment took place in San Diego where the Chargers squeezed out a last second win over the Bengals. A Cincinnati win would’ve taken on special meaning afterChris Henry‘s death. And the feel-scared moment of the weekend took place during Andrea Kremer‘s post-game interview with Steve Smith, who called out Vikings’ DBBennie Sapp. And if you know Smith, you do not want to get him angry. Just askKen Lucas.

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