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NFL: Favre at odds with Vikings coach

December 21, 2009

Brett Favre confirmed what Brad Childress would not. They got into a “heated discussion,” according to Favre, when the coach tried to pull the quarterback in the third quarter. Favre had been under a lot of pressure, as the Vikings offensive line struggled.

“Brad wanted to go in a different (direction), and I wanted to stay in the game.” This will only fuel the perception that Childress can’t control Favre. And, despite his contract extension, Childress has to be careful about his credibility with the rest of his players, who are going to be around a lot longer than Favre.

“We were up,” Favre said, referring to his team’s 7-6 lead in the third quarter. ” ‘I’m staying in the game.”

St. Paul Pioneer Press

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