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NFL: Panthers: Moss gave up

December 14, 2009

If you asked the Panthers what their game plan was, it’s simple.  Randy Moss, APThey helped whoever was covering Randy Moss early in the game with a safety. Then, once he was frustrated, they no longer needed to. Because by then, it was Game Over for No. 81. “We knew he was going to shut it down,” Panthers cornerback Chris Gamble told me after the game. “That’s what we wanted to do him. That’s what we did. … He’d just give up a lot … Slow down, he’s not going deep, not trying to run a route. You can tell, his body language.” Gamble continued … I know everyone who plays against him, they can sense that. Once you get into him in the beginning of the game, he shuts it down a little bit.”

Boston Globe

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